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People use mobile apps to earn maximum money online in India and probably you must have tried best earning apps in India and you will definitely find one name at the top – Roz Dhan. This is the most trending & top application at this time to earn fast online money, due to which many people like you are earning 50,000 to 8 rupees every month today.

Roz Dhan app has been downloaded by 8 million+ people and currently it is one of the top 3 trending android apps which makes it one of the fastest growing mobile apps in India. Roz Dhan app has been installed by every person who wants to earn online mobile money and why not? All the users who use it are happy with it, they are able to earn real money and transfer it to their bank account. In such a situation, if you have not downloaded it, then you must watch it.

क्या सच में Roz Dhan mobile app से पैसे कमा सकते है?

There have been so many scams in India in the name of Best & highest paying apps that if someone gets cheated once. So that person again reduces the trust on such money making mobile apps.

But Roz dhan is not at all like that, it is a trusted app from which online earn money can be earned. If a user joins it, he can really earn money from Roz Dhan and its proof is Earning proof and real stories shared by people.

Technical Yogi who is a tech Youtuber has earned the most money using this app so far. He has earned about 8 lakh rupees from Roz Dhan and he has also shared his story about it. It is not only alone, there are thousands of people in India who have earned money from it.

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क्यों Download करे Roz Dhan Earning App?

Money can be earned from thousands of mobile apps, so why Roz Dhan? Yes, it is absolutely true if we search how to earn money from Android phone? So we will get many applications on play store.

But you will see that the terms & conditions of most earning apps are such that users cannot fulfill them easily. Whereas in Roz Dhan it is not like that at all. Its terms & conditions are so easy that even a normal user can easily earn money by completing it and this is the reason why Roz Dhan Play store is included in top 3 trending Indian mobile apps.

There are some current status and real facts of Roz Dhan which make it one of the best and east to earn mobile application of Play store.

More than 80 lakh people have downloaded it from play store, out of which there are more than 9 lakh active users.
This is one of the fastest growing Android application of the Indian mobile industry.
More than 20 thousand people have earned a lot of money from this.
More than 1000 people earn 50 thousand rupees every month from Rozdhan.
More than 300 people earn Rs 2 lakh every month from Roz Dhan.
Till now there are 80 such users who earn 5 lakh rupees every month and this list is increasing every week.
More than 25 thousand users have successfully transferred their earned money from Roz Dhan to Paytm.

This is the status from August 8, 2018 till now, daily thousands of new users are joining Roz Dhan and earning money. If you also want to earn fast money then download Roz Dhan App today.

Roz Dhan से पैसे कैसे कमाए?

मैं एक बार पहले भी Roz Dhan app review में इसके बारे में full जानकारी दी हैं की कैसे आप इससे जुड़ सकते है और पैसे कमा सकते है. यह Referral based earning program हैं जिसमे आपको app को अपने किसी friend को refer करना होता है और उसके बदले आपको पैसे मिलते है.

कुछ basic step हैं जिन्हें पूरा करके आप earning कर सकते है.

Step 1. Rs. To earn 25 immediately, download from here and create an account with mobile number. And enter invite code “00KEV9” and you will get Rs.25 extra.
Step 2. Go to your profile by clicking on “Me” option and click on Invite your friend option.
Step 3. Send invite to your friends through any social media platform, email or direct messaging app, as soon as they download and create an account, you will get 1250 points immediately (Rs. 5) and also your friend will get Rs 50. will.
Step 4. When Rs. If it becomes 200 rupees then you can transfer them to your paytm account.

Friends, if you are looking for best money making apps then Roz Dhan will be a high paying & fast money earning app for you, in this you will get many ways to earn money and as your active account gets old you will earn money. New paths will be created. You must download it once and if you have already done it, then do share your thoughts in the comment section.

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