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At this time Oneplus Best Smartphone Contest is going on. Under this contest, anyone can win Rs 1 crore and with this, all Participant will get Amazon Gift cards of Rs 500, 1000 and 2000 through Oneplus.

So in such a situation, if you also want to try your luck, then you too can participate in this Oneplus Best Smartphone Contest.

So let’s see..

Oneplus Best Smartphone Contest:

Onleplus which is China’s Smartphone Manufacturing Company. Which has brought a contest for all Indian Online Users.

The participant in this contest can get a chance to win three types of prizes.

Rs 1 crore
Oneplus 3T Smartphone (Top 10 Best Smartphones In India)
Amazon gift cards

But there are some rules to win all these prizes, which are as follows.

To win the prize of 1 crore, Participant will have to buy a new Oneplus 3T Smartphone from or Through this one will get a chance to win Rs 1 crore.
Participant will have to complete some online task to win Amazon Gift Card and Onleplus 3T Smartphone.

In such a situation, if you were thinking of buying Onleplus 3T Phone. So there is Lucky chance for you, but if you do not want to buy Smartphone.

So you have a chance to win Rs 500, 1000 and 2000 Amazon Gift Card & Onleplus 3T Smartphone. I will tell you about this, how to participate in Oneplus Best Smartphone Contest.

Oneplus Best Smartphone Contest kaise Participate Kare:

Best Smartphone Contest is a Weekly Challenge, which has started from Wednesday 30 March 2017. You can participate in this every Wednesday.

To participate, just a few steps have to be followed,

Step 1: First of all you go to Link. And click on Best Smartphone Contest.

Step 2: Click on Signup Option.

Step 3: Now you enter UserName, Password, Email here and click on Signup.

Step 4: A mail will be sent to your Gmail Id for Account Confirmation. You open it and confirm the account.

Step 5: Now login to Best Smartphone Contest with your Email Password. And click on Start Your Journey Option.

Let me tell you information about some rules of this contest, so that if you participate, your time should not be wasted in explaining the rules.

You will get 200 points for completing a task.
Maximum 1200 Point Earn can be done.
If you earn 800 points. So you will get Amazon Gift Card of Rs.500.
Amazon Gift Card worth Rs.1000 will be available on 1000 Point.
Amazon Gift Card worth Rs 2000 or Lucky Draw Ticket will be available at 1200 Point.
Points can be redeemed every Wednesday.


Friends, here the Oneplus Best Smartphone Contest has been told. In which all of you can participate and win an Amazon Gift card of Rs 500 to 2000, Oneplus 3T Smartphone or one crore rupees.

All of you must participate in this, if you have liked this post. So you LIKE it. If you have any question or suggestion related to Best Smartphone Contest, then do comment.

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