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Facebook Video Monetization से ख़तम होगा YouTube का Monopoly:

Friends..! The time has come for which you were waiting since months. Because Facebook has launched Video Monetization Service. That is, now like YouTube, uploading videos on Facebook can be monetized with Ad Network and money can be earned.

A few months ago there was news about Facebook Video Monetization, but after that when Facebook Instant Article Service was launched. So people thought that Facebook will launch only Article Monetization Service and will not launch Video Monetization Service. But Facebook has shocked all Video Sharing websites including YouTube by launching Video Monetization Service.

Facebook has launched a Video Sharing Platform called Facebook Creators like YouTube Video Sharing Platform. Any Creators on Facebook Creators Platform means you can earn money by uploading videos and monetizing from Facebook Ad Network.

Facebook Creators Join कैसे करे?

To upload video on Facebook and earn money, Facebook Creators Video sharing Platform has to be joined and it is mandatory to have a Facebook Page & App Id to join it. If there is no FB Page & App ID, then create it by clicking on the link & if it is, then join the Facebook Creators Community by following the steps.

Step 1. There are 2 ways to join Creators Community, Facebook Creators App and Facebook Creators Website. But the App is currently available only for iOS, it is about to be launched for Android users.

Step 2. After opening the website, click on the Sign in with Facebook button.

Step 3. Now some information related to Account and Video will have to be entered here. Like Online Video Category and how to make video.

With this you can connect all social media profiles like Instagram, Youtube, Twitter. After entering all these information click on Let’s do this button.

Step 4. As soon as you click on Let’s do this button, Facebook creators registration will be completed. After that you can get information about all its Toolkit and Policy with the help of Facebook Creators FAQs.

* If you have iPhone Mobile, then you can use Video Sharing and Video Monetization immediately by downloading its App. If you use Android phone then you will have to wait a bit.

Friends..! Millions of Creators are upset due to YouTube’s Policy and Guideline. With the introduction of Facebook Video Monetization Feature, YouTube Monopoly will reduce a bit and Creators will get a chance to earn more money along with joining a new Video Sharing Platform.

Final Word:

I have registered for Facebook Creators Community and henceforth I will use Facebook Video Monetization Service. If you are also a Video Creator, then you can join it and increase your income by sharing videos on Facebook as well as YouTube and increase your popularity. So that you can get encouragement in making videos in future and you can put 100% effort in each video.

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