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Friends, do you want to earn Online Paise from your Social Media Account i.e. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr. If yes then you are the right place, because today I am going to tell you in detail about Famebit Sponsorship Se Online Earning.

If you have any such Social Media Account (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr), where there is more than 5000 Follower. So you can earn thousands of dollars every month sitting at home.

Famebit Kya hai & Famebit Sponsorship Se Online Earning Kaise kare

Famebit is an online marketplace acquired by Google. It provides such a platform online, through which all social media influencers can connect with any brand.

From here you can get sponsorship for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Youtube Channel, and you can earn a good amount of money from it.

From FameBit you get money for Product Review or Advertising. Such as Software Review, Beauty Product Review, Games/Apps Review etc.

Often all of you must have seen about Sponsored Review on YouTube. If you have not seen, then you can watch the videos of Technical Guruji and Sharmaji Technical. These two people often keep reviewing Wondershare’s product.

First of all, to do Online Earning from Famebit Sponsorship, you have to create an account on Famebit through that Social Media Channel. On which there are more than 5000 followers.

For Example: – If you have a YouTube Channel, which has more than 5000 Subscribers. So you can create an account on Famebit through your Youtube Channel.

Famebit से Sponsor कैसे मिलते है:

After creating FameBit Account, here you will find thousands of Marketplace for Sponsorship who are looking for Social Media influencers for their Product Review.

Here all you have to do is, what kind of product (Technology, Beauty, Gadget, etc.) you want to review on your social media channel.

You select such a product and check what is the requirement for that product and how much payment will be received for reviewing it.

If you have all the requirements given in that product, then you can send a proposal to its advertiser for sponsorship.

For Example- If there is a requirement of a product. For YouTube Channel,

Minimum 10000 Subscriber and almost all the videos of the channel get at least 10000 views in a week. So you can review this product and you will get $500-$1000 for it.

In such a situation, if you have such a YouTube Channel. Which has 10000 or above Subscriber, then you can send Proposal for Sponsorship of this Product.


If no proposal is being accepted for your channel. So you select such a product which is paying less money. Or giving your product instead of money. With this your proposal will be accepted quickly.
In FameBit, you can send Proposal for Sponsorship to many Marketplaces simultaneously.

If your proposal is accepted and you get sponsorship and you have reviewed it, then

You will get his money transferred to your account through Paypal.
10% of the money you will get from sponsorship will be the charge of Famebit.

If you are uploading Sponsorship Post or Video on your Social Media Channel for the first time. So for this you must read Famebit Terms & Condition.

Tips: If you have a blog along with YouTube Channel, then you should also write about it in the Proposal. This increases the chances of getting sponsor and also gets more money.


Friends, in this post it has been told that how to do Online Earning from Famebit Sponsorship. If you have any such Social Media Account. Where there is more than 5000 followers, then you can earn money sitting at home.

Hope you have liked this post and would have been helpful for you. If you have any suggestion or question regarding this post, then you must comment us.

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