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If someone asks you How to Start Your Business from Home with Zero Investment? So maybe you will be a little confused that how can you start a business without investing money? But if you have read the tips of this without investment business idea of ​​TechYukti, then with full confidence you can say that yes there are many platforms online from where business can be started without investing money.

There are some methods in which you need a nominal investment like Blogging, but earning does not start immediately from here, for this you will have to wait for 6 months or a year and some methods are like this.

In which no investment has to be made and earning starts from the first day like Reseller business. Here we are going to talk about such a new way by which we can earn money from the very first day, so let us know that,

Reseller Business क्या है?

The standard of Reseller business means that a person buys a product from a manufacturer and sells it profitably. If you make a reseller, then you will work as a bridge between the manufacturer and the customer, the manufacturer will sell the product to you and you will increase the price a little and sell it to the customers.

But here I am going to tell you about the reseller business, in that you do not have to buy the product. You can sell it to your customers with profit without buying it.

Reseller business के फायदे:

Its biggest advantage is that it starts getting income from the first day as it is possible only in Affiliate and dropshipping business.
To earn money from Paid promotion, you have to make a big brand first, only after that you can get paid promotion. But in Reseller business you do not need to create any brand value, you get the product from day one.
If you want to earn unlimited money from without investment business, then reselling is the best and most profitable business. Many people have made their own company only because of reselling.

India’s #1 Reselling platform – Meesho App:

If you want to know how to earn money without investment from Reseller business? And who is its most platform? So the answer is Meesho mobile app,

This is India’s number one reselling platform, more than 1 crore resellers have joined and their average monthly income is Rs 25,000.

Meesho App is present in more than 5000 small and big cities where resellers have sold more than 90 lakh products.

कैसे ज्वाइन करे Meesho App Reselling Program:

If you go to join Amazon affiliate, then you have to give complete detail information for whether you have a website or an app. How much is the monthly traffic, which category is it etc. But it is not exactly like this in Meesho reselling program.

Joining this is easier than joining WhatsApp, you can just download it and login with mobile number and for this it does not matter whether you have website, YouTube or any mobile app or not.

STEP 1. First of all it is necessary to download this, which you can download immediately by clicking on play store or the link given here

STEP 2. After downloading & installing, register with the mobile number present in the phone and verify OTP (which will be automatically verified)

STEP 3.Now if you are new and you want to know how Meesho app works? So you can watch the video given in many other regional languages ​​like Hindi, English.

STEP 4. After completing the setup, you will enter the Meesho shopping area from where you can select any product and sell it with your profit.

Meesho App से sell कैसे करे?

When you reach the shopping area, you will find many products of kids, men, women and electronics there. As seen on Flipkart and Amazon, if a person joins the Meesho app as a reseller.

So he has to sell these products and for this he gets full help from the Meesho app. Whatever product you choose to sell, you can share it with image and product detail.

In this video, you have been given information about each step of selling, if you have any problem in selling, then this video will be very helpful for you.

Meesho Reselling App के फायदे:

This app has been specially made for those people who want to earn money sitting at home like Housewife, student and employee. In today’s time, everyone uses social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook.

With the Meesho app, you can earn 20 to 25 thousand rupees every month by using social media.
In most of the products available in Work from home, you have to invest money or you have to work for 4 to 5 hours a day whereas it is not like that at all in Meesho. Neither you have to invest money nor you need to sit and work for 4 to 5 hours.
Each product has its own fix price, which is decided according to wholesale, if a customer wants to buy the product from you, then whatever you sell after the fixed price, it will all be yours.

Friends, Meesho App has such a reselling platform which is different from others and anyone can join it without investment. You must download and use it, and do not forget to share your thoughts about it in the comments.

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