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Social Media Influencer Kaise Bane? How To Be a Social Media Influencer and Make Money Online

Hello friends, Social media is such an online platform that can give us many benefits like thousands and millions of traffic, Business Lead & Sales and Brand popularity every day. But for this it is necessary to be a social media influencer. Which is a difficult task.

Here today we are going to talk about the same tips that Social Media Influencer Kaise Bane? And how to make your identity on social media networks like facebook, youtube, Instagram, Twitter? But before that we talk about how we can benefit from making a “Popular Social Media influencer”.

First of all, let us know what is a social media influencer?

Social Media Influencer क्या है ?

Nowadays anyone who has a smartphone is connected to social media whether it is Facebook or Instagram or YouTube. And the most important thing is that there are 2 types of people on all these social media platforms. First those people who follow someone else to see their post, feed and secondly those people who keep in mind the interest of the people and create interesting content for them.

In simple words we can say that creator and audience. So when a creator starts liking more and more people then he becomes a Social Media Influencer. Because people (audience) start liking his work and start connecting with him. So in a way the creator is attracting the people.

Social Media Influencer is the one who makes a strong hold in a particular field and gets millions of followers. Whose words are appreciated by the people. People give value to his activities.

Social Media influencer’s Benefits:

There was a time when followers on social media were only for people like Bollywood actors, TV celebrities, politicians. But now the time has changed and at this time any common person can get followers on social media through their skills. Like… Amit Badana, BB Ki Vines, Mumbiker Nikhil

But still, in today’s time, the strongest influencer is considered to be the film actors. But we are talking about social media influencer. Which is a great career in itself.

In such a situation, if we increase our follower base on any social media like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and become a popular social media influencer, then we can get some such benefits.

#1: Reach Target Audience:

The biggest benefit of becoming a popular social media influencer is that we will also get a large target audience base. Which we can use to boost website traffic, business lead/sales increase or affiliate link promotion, to get our point across and for income.

If we understand it with a small example, then techyukti has 5000+ followers on Facebook and YouTuber has 72000+ subscribers. With this we get about 6% traffic from facebook and 10% from Youtube which is 16% of TechYukti’s overall traffic.

#2: Get Sponsorship:

Sponsorship is an “essential income source” of famous people on social media. In such a situation, if we become a popular social media influencer. So we have a better chance of getting sponsorship and from this we can earn lakhs of rupees every month through just one post or video.

We all know about Sponsorship Se Online Paisa Kamane, how people share only one Video or Post on Instagram, Facebook and YouTuber.

And you will not even guess how much money they get for 1 post. If there is a good follower on Instagram, then you get 50000 to 5 lakh rupees for 1 post. Here you can consider the number of follower from 100K to 1M.

#3: Brand Popularity:

Another big benefit of being a popular social media influencer is brand popularity and the brands of the most popular people get the fastest popularity from social media. We all saw how their Brand Youthiyapa got popularity after BB Ki Vines became popular on YouTube. And they easily earn money by selling their merchandise in large quantities.

Social Media Influencer Kaise Bane?

We came to know that how much we benefit from becoming a Famous Social Media Influencer. But now the question arises that how did we become this? And what should be done so that we can become famous on social media like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram

Some people increase Like, views and follower by using Automated tools. But this is of no use and the increased followers cannot make us a good social media influencer. In such a situation, we did some research on social media and made a strategy that can help us in making an identity on social media.

#1: Test Yourself & Find Niche:

Those who share unique and fresh idea / content are famous for long-term on social media. In such a situation, to become a trusted Social Media Influencer, we have to explain ourselves and see in ourselves. What kind of Skills/Art do we have? Which we can tell better than anyone else and can provide daily fresh content to our visitors. So work on yourself once that for what people will follow you i.e. will like you.

#2: Choose Best Social Media Channels:

We should choose at least 2 to 3 social media networks according to our skills and strategy. If we are interested in making video then we can select YouTube, Facebook and Instagram and if we are interested in sharing image, post then we can select Facebook, Instagram.

Note * YouTube is such a social media platform that can make us popular on all social media simultaneously. Like Amit Bhadana got popularity from Youtube but at this time he is also famous on Intagram and Facebook.

By the way, if you do not know, then let me tell you that I make videos on YouTube as a hobby, on which there have been more than 1 lakh subscribers. You can check once from here.

#3: Make a Plan:

Regular publishing is very important to increase the social media follower, in such a situation it is possible only. When we will make a plan for our post in advance that what do we have to post on this day? If more and more people interact with that post then only you will get benefit.

#4: Interact with Other Influencers:

Other Influencers have an important role in increasing followers, engagement, Liks on Social Media. In such a situation, we should interact with other social media influencers, and increase our visibility by using activities like Like, Comment & Sharing.

#5: Promote Yourself:

This is the most important tips for all social media influencers that how do we promote ourselves. Whenever I share a post of techyukti, I also share it with techyulti social media account in all other social media community related to tech.

So that more and more people know about techyutki and those who like our content join us. In such a situation, it is very important for us to be popular on social media that how much we can promote ourselves and how many people we can reach.

You must use # Hashtags. Its maximum effect is seen on Instagram and Twitter. So you must use trending #Hashtags.

Friends, making a Social Media Influencer can be very beneficial for us and with this we can create an identity of our own, as well as make a good amount of income in ways like Sponsorship, Direct promotion, Affiliate Marketing, which can give us a Best Lifestyle. . There are many such people in India, whom no one knew some time ago, but today they are popular all over the world because of social media. If you also have passion, then understand the social media influencer tips mentioned here and follow it. So identify your inner talent today itself. And if there is no skill then learn things.

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