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How to sell sites, apps and domains on Flippa?

Hello friends, after connecting to the Internet, we all use such methods to earn money, about which we have information. Like Video tutorials, Blogging, Affiliate marketing etc. With this we are in search of new income source every day.

Today here we will talk about another better income source or marketplace where we can sell our Website, Domain, App or any other things related to application development and marketing and earn a lot of money. But before that we know about the marketplace,

Flippa (flippa just sold) Kya Hai?

We all know about Flipkart and Amazon, it is an online marketplace where many categories of goods like Smartphones, Fashion are bought and sold. Similarly, Flippa is also an online business.

Where many tools and applications related to Blogging, Online market like Websites, Domain, mobile Apps, are bought and sold. It is one of the most popular websites in today’s time and it has more than 10,00,000 registered users.

Flippa is a popular place for those who want to buy website, domain or App and the buyer gives the asking price to the seller for this. Whose simple example is

This domain was bought by a buyer for $250,000 USD. There are many more such Websites, Smartphone Application, Web Application which are sold and bought from Flippa for millions of dollars. Here the price starts from $ 1 and up to $ 500,000 software, website or domain can be sold.

If we talk about some of the most expensive domain, website and application of this time, which is listed to sell on Flippa, then their list is something like this.

Name Type Price($) Website $1,370,000 USD Website $1,600,000 USD Domain $999,999 USD Domain $1,000,000 USD Domain $2,600,000 USD Domain $140,001 USD

Flippa Kaam Kaise Karta Hai?

Chuki Flippa is nothing but an online market where Buyer comes to buy goods and Seller to sell goods, in such a way its working process is also similar to the rest of the ecommerce portal.

If you are a Seller then you have to create an account to select the product and if you are a Buyer then you have to create your account to buy the product. Here we are getting information about selling our product, so we will create Flippa seller account.

How to create Flippa account?

Creating an account is very easy, we just have to provide some basic information and then click on the create account button.

create flippa seller account’

Whatever email address we are using to create Flippa account, an activation mail will go to it, we will have to click on the confirm email button given there. After that account type selection will have to be confirmed, our account will be created.

Flippa Par Domain, Website, Apps Aur Business Kaise Sell Kare?

The way the Universe is infinite, so is the Internet – it is infinite and the ways to earn money on the Internet are also infinite. Every day we find a new way to earn money online and one of the popular ways is Flippa.

If you are an – Interne Marketing specialist or blogger or developer then this is a popular side business for you from where you can earn money according to your strategy and skills.

When we setup our account as a seller on the Flippa marketplace, a Dashboard opens in front of us, in which the main 3 categories are visible.

Websites – In which we can sell Content, ecommerce, Shopify, SaaS, Services, Transactional website.
Domain – Here we can sell all types of domains (.com, .org, .net etc.).
Apps – Can sell all the applications of iOS and Android.

I am going to sell a domain here, today you can select any website, app or domain according to your skills and requirements. After selecting, we have to create a classified for our product.

In Classified, we have to write the title and description of our product.

After writing about the product, we have to select its price, we get two options for the price.

Classified – If we have to list our classified without day limit. So we have to select classified option for price.

Auction – If we want to list our offer only for a few days, then we have to select the auction option from here and set the Day limit and price.

If you have to sell something on Flippa’s paid service, then for this we have to pay something and at this time its basic price is $25.

After completing the payment, we HOW DO YOU GET PAID? Will reach the option from where we will know how we will get money after our product is sold? Comes in India (Slow-to-Pay Country List) in which it takes up to 4 days for payment.

After this, a small verification will have to be done in the last step, after that our product will be listed for sale and we will get the payment as soon as our product is sold.

Flippa Pros & Cons:

Flippa has the best marketplace where we can sell our product profitably, we can get the best price here. This is a popular website and many popular Internet influencers earn millions of dollars using it.

But its biggest cons for the Indian market is that it is a paid service and for this we have to pay money only then we can list our products here.

Friends, Flippa is the best income source where domain, website and applications worth millions of dollars are sold daily and there are many big buyers who are ready to pay any price for the product of their choice. If you want to earn money from the Internet in a new way, then you must join it, if you have any idea, then you must share it in the comment.

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