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To earn money, a person tries every possible way which is right and the person should know about it, today I will tell you about the way to earn money from online Ludo Game. If you are a Ludo game player, then you can earn along with playing the game, that is, you can earn online money. In this post, we will get detailed information about how to earn money from online games?

Ludo game is one of the most popular games on Android mobile and it can be easily downloaded and played on any normal specifications smartphone. There are many people who play online Ludo game on mobile for hobby or for time-pass. In such a situation, if you also want to play this game, then there is a bumper offer for you.

You can also earn money by playing Ludo game. With this your hobby will also be fulfilled and you can make online income by utilizing that time.

About Winmts Ludo Game:

Winmts is a local gaming and mobile application development company that makes a variety of games and applications for the Android Air iOS platform. Winmts wants to help people through its applications so that people can adopt trending technology and to maintain interest in such things, it gives very good offers with its applications.

With the help of these offers, you can learn about trending technologies, games as well as earn some income online. Ludo online game is one such mobile game application of Winmst, you can earn some money while playing online mobile game. With this, you can fulfill your hobby of playing the game and can also earn money.

Online make money tricks are the most searched on the internet and especially people of their country want money by using online methods, in such a situation, platforms are a better make money destination for such users. You can earn money by downloading their Ludo mobile game.

This online Ludo game cannot earn you thousands of rupees like other online make money techniques, so that you can make a career, but you can definitely get so much money that you can buy mobile recharge, paid games and other necessary accessories for your phone, Let me give you some information about the features.

Winmts Ludo Game Features:

Simple Login & Signup – You can easily create an account here with the help of mobile number, email and login to the game dashboard with the help of easy login interface.
Refer and Earn Rewards – If you have a game account, then if you create new users with your referral code or link, then you will get 10 rupees per user and you will get many rewards for playing the game, which you can transfer to wallet.
Safe & Secure Gateway – It provides you 100% safe and secure platform from where you can transfer the earned money to any Paytm wallet or Bank account.
Use Your Unique Strategies – You can make a master plan for game playing according to your own if you want to earn a lot of money through Ludo mobile game, it depends on the player how his game strategy is.Challenging Game – In this you will get many globally challenges from which you can challenge anyone and play the game as you do in PUBG mobile game.

Ludo Game खेलकर पैसे कैसे कमाए?

We all play mobile games, so what if you find such a game that you can play the game and also earn some extra money. Winmts Ludo game is a similar mobile game. You can earn money online with the help of this.

Before earning money from this game, you have to work with all these techniques and requirements to earn more.

Download & Install Ludo Game
Create account
Ludo Game Refer & Earn Program
Make Money From Online Ludo Challenge

Out of this, the first two methods are for preparation and through these you can create an account by downloading Ludo game and the remaining two methods are for earning money. So let’s know about all in detail.

1. Download & Install Ludo Game:

You might not find this game on any app store because the company offers it directly from its website. In this case, you have to go to and download it.

It is not available on play store, so if you install its APK file on mobile, then you have to enable unknown resource by going to setting so that this Ludo game can be installed on your phone.

2. Create Account:

After downloading and installing, you need to create a register ID and for this you open the app and click on the signup button.

Here you will get a Signup form on which you will have to give some information like this.

User ID
Mobile no.
Refer code

All of you will know about four of these fields and in the refer code you have to write the code of the person to whom you have referred this app. If you have downloaded your direct, then you can leave it blank and signup.

3. Winmts Ludo Game Refer & Earn Program

When your account is setup, you get a unique referral link and id. You can leave more people using this link. According to Winmts Ludo game feature, if someone creates an account using your link or using your ID in Refer code, then you will get Rs.10 per user.

Example – If you have shared the link or code on your WhatsApp group, Facebook page and 10 people join using it, then you will get 10 * 10 i.e. 100 rupees immediately.

4. Make Money From Online Ludo Challenge

The first way to earn money is refer & earn and there is another way in which you can earn a lot of money. There are many tournaments and online challenges in Winmts ludo game. For which you have to pay some entry fee

From here you can earn money for each tournament. Every online challenge or tournament has its own price money. Which is given to the winner. If you are a better Ludo player then you can participate in these tournaments.

There is no limit to earn money in this way, the more you play and win, the more money you can earn from online ludo game and in today’s time such online games are becoming very popular.

Friends, we have told here how you can earn money from online ludo game. With this, here we have told about a good tournament platform Winmts. From where you can get national and international online Ludo game challenge. Hope you liked this post and share it with your friends and write your thoughts about it in the comments.

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