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In online searches on your internet, you must have seen that this is an easy way to earn money from internet, in these ways you can earn millions without doing anything. But do you think that you can earn money without doing any work? Maybe it seems and I also felt that’s why I created a blog to earn money from the internet and had been publishing only articles on it, I had seen this method from a make money online tutorial on the internet.

So that’s why I published only articles on the blog and did not do any work – now you can see the income report of the income I earned from the internet.

Even after seeing the internet income report, if you still think that without working, smart & hard work, you cannot earn money online, and today how to earn money from internet? Full Hindi guide for those who believe in working hard and want to understand all the tips and work on them.

Internet से पैसे कमाने के तरीके

If you know about easy ways to earn money but if you are still not able to earn money. So in such a situation, don’t think that that method is wrong, you yourself are wrong because you are not able to use that method properly.

Blog, YouTube and Affiliate have become the most common ways to earn money without investment and you will get solid information about it on the internet. That’s why we will talk about some such internet make money tips here which is a bit different. you don’t have to wait for

From the day you will use internet se paise kamane ke tarike, you will start earning and at the end of the month as you have done your work. You will get income report accordingly.

1. Content Writer

Content is the backbone of the internet, whatever work you do online, that work is done only with the help of a content. If you are an experienced and skilful content writer then you can earn from Rs 50000 to Rs 1 lakh per month.

I have worked with many content writers who charge from 75ps to 1rs for every word and write at least 2000 to 3000 words every day.

Upwork which is currently the top freelancer website. You can check there how much a standard content costs and how the writer earns.

There is another website like Upwork which is very famous for the beginner, from here content writers earn up to $150 for only 500 words of content.

There is another website like Upwork which is very famous for the beginner, from here content writers earn up to $150 for only 500 words of content.

Content Writing Work कैसे पाए?

If you do content writing and have also created a profile on websites like freelancing like Upwork and you get work but do not get regular.

In such a situation, you create a portfolio in which you tell about your experience and work and add your contact detail and then make a list of companies that offer content writing service, you can contact those websites through inquiry form, email and other contact. Reach out to the company and tell about your work and experience.

You may have to struggle a little in starting, but if your proposal is accepted by 1 or 2 companies and starts giving you work, then you can earn millions from content work through internet sitting at home.

2. Offering Services:

Online marketing is a great use of offering services by reaching the customer through the Internet. Businesses reach the customer through organic and paid online promotion and then offer their services to them. As using UrbanClap website and app you can book any service example – Home cleaning, bathroom cleaning etc.

But it has become a big level thing, if you have to offer such services, then for this you will have to set up the whole company, maybe you are thinking like this.

Come and see in this PPC ad that Windows Installation support is being given for $238. It is possible that you have also installed windows in the computer of many of your friends absolutely free of cost.

If you have good knowledge in any field, then you can offer service related to it at individual level and earn money easily from internet.

If you have skill then you just have to reach people to provide service and through internet you can connect with customers from all over the world sitting at home and can make your services accessible to them.

But if you do not have a budget for promotion and you have skills but you are not able to reach the customer, then you can take the help of an internet mediator.

Like if you are a Salon expert but you do not have the budget to set up and promote your business, then you


As you can offer services by connecting with the platform, your income will increase and together different customers can join together. which will be beneficial for the service

3. Selling Products

Due to negligence of private sector and non-availability of jobs according to government sector skills, people are turning towards small and big business. There are many people who make and sell products like printed t-shirt, cup, wallpaper and earn a good monthly income.

Many small business execute such small business only offline and are in one area only. But if you start such a small business and reach it to the bulk customer with the help of Internet, then you can increase your sales by 200% and your income can increase by 300%.

If you do not have investment even to setup a small business, then you are interested and understand the power of internet business, then you can take help of business and affiliate like Meesho. There is no limit in this, the more product you sell, the more income you will earn at the end of the month. is the best example for such business which started small and is known all over the country. Internet is so powerful that in today’s time, 90% of the world’s richest people are connected to internet business.

Friends, we talked here about some unique and new ways to earn money from Internet, if you do not know how to earn money from Internet? And how can you earn money without blogging without making YouTube videos? If you want to make self dependent, then all these make money tips will be very helpful for you and if you have any suggestion, then you must write in the comment.

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