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Friends..! Who does not know about earning money from mCent Mobile Recharge App. Everyone must have earned something from this App. Now mCent is once again going to give the user a chance to earn money in a new way. mCent has just launched this version of Mcent Browser. I will tell how to earn money from Mcent Browser?

Have downloaded Browser App and tried to earn money from it, today I am going to tell you here whether money can be earned from Mcent Browser or not and whether the money earned from Mcent Browser can be transferred to the bank. can? If you are also searching for ways to earn money from mobile, then definitely read it.


mCent Browser:

Just a few days ago, Google has deleted UC Browser from Play Store and I also told about how UC Browser used to steal data from Mobile. Most people used to use the old UC Browser and since then it has been deleted. but after an update it’s back again

Users keep testing new browsers, mCent has taken advantage of this opportunity to launch its own app called mCent Browser and offered to earn money through it. So that more and more people can download it.

All those features are available in MCent Browser. Which were found in UC Browser. Along with this, there is Earning New Feature Extra add in it.

Incognito Browser
Home Screen Shortcut
Data Saver “text only”
Browser History
smart search
smart downloading

mCent Browser से पैसे कमाए?

This is a question that everyone wants to know the answer to and when I downloaded mCent Browser App. So I was also thinking that mCent has come once again and now I will earn at least 50 to 100 rupees every day.

But when I downloaded mCent Browser from Play Store, I had to first create an account in it. Which I found a bit strange because so far no such mobile browser has been made which needs to login to use it.

When I downloaded it and I thought that now I will refer and earn money through it. After selecting the language, when I entered the MCent Browser Dashboard.

Now here I got the option of earning in Vijay Points worth Rs. This means if I refer mCent Browser to any of my friends then I will get 9000 Points.

Along with this, mCent also gives some points for doing Net Surfing. And if you keep running internet on Facebook, Google on mCent Browser, then you keep getting some points for this too.

क्या MCent Browser से Account या Paytm में पैसे Transfer कर सकते है?

If you are thinking that you can transfer the money earned from MCent Browser to Paytm, or Bank Account. Then you are dead wrong. Because with Points earned from MCent, you can recharge only on Mobile phone and you cannot transfer it anywhere.

In MCent Wallet, when you invite a friend and he will download MCent from your link and create an account. So you will get its 9000 Points i.e. 9 rupees and you can redeem it after 2 to 3 days.

Friends.. ! If you are thinking that you can earn 50 to 100 rupees daily by using internet on MCent Browser. So it is not possible because earning 1000 points by using internet is a big deal. For this you will have to use internet for hours.

This browser of Mcent is also exactly like UC Browser and it also steals all the information from the user by luring them with a little money. Which later Carder earns good money by selling to internet marketer. If I say from my point of view, then you can neither use it for internet nor for earning money, it may take months for you to earn 100 rupees from MCent Browser and if I am asked this question that Can you earn money from Mcent Browser, then my answer will be “No”, what will be your answer, you write in the comment.

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