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Friends..! If you search on the Internet that how to earn money from Paytm? So maybe many posts related to this will be found. But very few of these will be such tricks, with the help of which money can be earned from Paytm in today’s time.

But here I am going to tell about Paytm Latest earning tricks. With the help of which money can be earned in December 2017. But you all must know one thing, in today’s time, PhonePe, Google Tez or any App does not give money to refer Website Direct. All websites and apps impose some or the other condition with their earning program.

When earlier Paytm Offers used to come, money was received after Direct Refer. But Paytm also does not give money for direct referring like all other websites.

Whenever a new offer of Paytm comes, some service is definitely added with it. The latest Paytm tricks that we are going to talk about here are also similar.


All of you must have information about UPI (Unified Payment Interface), because in today’s time, which has Smartphone and Bank Account nearby. One or the other UPI App is definitely installed in their phone.

Although each bank has its own UPI app, but some upis are such that any bank account can be connected. BHIM UPI is one such app, through this the UPI address of any bank can be created and through that money can be sent to anyone on any bank.

Just a short time ago, Paytm Bank has partnered with BHIM App and now if you have Paytm Latest version App installed in your phone, then there is no need to install any other UPI App. You can link the bank with direct BHIM UPI and create the UPI address of the account.

At this time, an offer is also going on, through which if a user creates a UPI account from Paytm App. So he will get a chance to earn money on every transaction.

How to make money from Paytm App?

At this time this best offer is going on to earn money on Paytm and with its help some money can be earned from Paytm. But this offer has some condition. for example..

A UPI Address has to be created through Paytm.
After creating the UPI Address, someone has to send at least 50 rupees on the same day.
Cashback of Rs 50 will be available on the first transaction through Paytm UPI.
Cashback will be added to your wallet within 48 hours.

I have earned 50 rupees by creating Paytm BHIM UPI Address in this way. If you also want, you can earn 50 rupees by using this method.

Just for this it will take you 2 to 3 minutes, after that the upi address of any of your bank will be created.

Step 1. First of all you download the latest paytm application from Play Store, because the feature of old version upi has not been given.

Step 2. After downloading and setting up the App, open the Paytm App and click on BHIM UPI given next to the Passbook option.

Step 3. Now along with paytm bank, some more banks will be seen here and there will be an option of “Select from all other banks” below.

If your bank is not in the above list then select the bank by clicking on select from all other banks

Step 4. After selecting the bank, the option of SIM selection will appear. Whichever Phone number is linked to the bank account, select that SIM.

Step 5. Verification will happen after selecting SIM, after that a UPI Address of your account will be generated.

You can use this UPI address to send money to someone and to receive money from someone.

Step 6. After this, you have to send Transaction of at least Rs.50 to any UPI address. After that you will get cashback within 48 hours.

Cashback कैसे मिलेगा?

Friends, you will get Rs.50 cashback only if you follow these rules. There is no special rule, yet you see once.

If you fulfill all the conditions then you will get Rs.50 cashback in your Wallet within 48 hours.

Friends… As I told how to earn money from Paytm? , This question is searched every minute on the internet. According to me, at this time there is no better way than this on paytm.

With the help of which 50 rupees can be earned without buying or selling anything. This is the best answer to this question and you must share it.

And yes, if you did all this and you also got a cashback of Rs. 50, then definitely tell in the comment! And share it with friends so that they too can take advantage of the free Paytm Cashback Offer. Because it is for limited period only.

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