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Hello friends, PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) is the only mobile and PC game that has gained the most popularity in the world with $0 marketing budget. Today, the way WhatsApp is installed in everyone’s phone.

In the same way, everyone’s phone will get PUBG Mobile Game Install. You can guess its popularity in such a way that many places in India have become restaurants on PUBG Theme.

In such a situation, if you are a PUBG user and you want to earn money from it, then you must see the Make Money From PUBG Game Tips mentioned here. And if you do not know about it then click here – PUBG Hindi

How To Make Money From PUBG Mobile?

PUBG is a game that comes for both mobile and computer platforms and it is a paid game. But if you play it on mobile phone then you can download it for free.

If there is a PUBG Player, who plays this game by installing it on mobile or computer.

So he will not get any other option like Make Money Games anywhere from where he can earn money. Because PUBG is not an earning mobile game. In such a situation, if you want to earn money by playing any PUBG game, then what is the way for that?

Even though officially we do not get any option on PUBG to earn money, but there are many ways on the Internet using which we can earn a good income and convert our gaming passion into a profession.

Here I am going to tell about two such popular methods using which a player can earn.

PUBG Tournament:

Seeing the popularity of this game, developers and Internet influencers together have made tournaments for mobile and computer players.

Where thousands of users join and spend money and play games. It has been made exactly like a common tournament.

To participate in these, users have to pay some money as Entry Fee and then make a registration and play the game in the tournament.

The game remains exactly the same as we normally play on our computer or mobile.

Here we get payment according to “Per Kill” and in some games Mega Prize is given for winning the game. Like in this image,

5 PUBG Online Tournaments have been given, out of which by participating in 1, we will get a chance to win the Mega Price and in the remaining 4, we will get money according to “Per Kill”.

Suppose if you participate in this by paying 20 entry fee and you are getting 15 rupees for a kill. In such a situation, if you kill 10 of your people, then you will get 150 rupees.


Gaming community organizes events all over the country and millions of small and big participants take part in it, PUBG Mobile India Tour is one such event. Which is organized in many cities of the country.

In this, you get a chance to meet new game players and there are many events as well, if you participate in them, then you get a chance to win the cash price of lakhs of rupees.

PUBG YouTube:

YouTube is such a platform that is turning the passion of many people into their profession. Today there are many such examples in front of us which were nothing but today because of YouTube, today they have become financially better and are socially popular.

Although you will find videos of many categories on YouTube, but YouTube Community gives the most importance to only a few categories of videos and one of them is GAMING.’

You can understand the importance of gaming from this, YouTube has created a separate platform for this. Where there are only Gaming Channels.

In such a situation, if you do PUBG Game Playing, then this is a golden opportunity for you. Of..

The game you play on your mobile or computer, you can earn money by playing this game record (List Of Free Video Recording Application) on YouTube and uploading it on YouTube and if you do not know.

About YouTube, you will get a very basic guide from here – YouTube Gaming Channel Kaise Banaye?

Earn Money Playing PUBG – Pros & Cons

Sometimes we do some such work in a fit of passion, then it is very harmful for us. That’s why before starting any work, we have to think about its process and result for 5 minutes. Ha! It is 100% sure that you can earn money from PUBG Mobile or Computer by using both these methods.

But not from everywhere, because along with some good tournaments, there are also many frauds which will take Entry Fee from you but will not reward you in return.

Therefore, if you are going to participate in a tournament, then see its terms and condition, see the user review and also check the payment details so that you can know whether the tournament is worth trusting or not.

If you want to earn from PUBG Game without any loss. So YouTube For Gaming is the best option for you.

Here you will not have to pay some entry fee, but instead you will have to work hard so that views and subscribers can come on your channel and you can get Google Adsense Approval soon.

You will get to see some advantages and disadvantages in both the platforms – if you want to earn money from the tournament. So in this you will start earning immediately after a little investment. But it’s Risky.

With this, if you want to earn money by uploading Live or Video on YouTube – then there is no risk for you in this. But your earning will not start immediately.

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Friends, if you are fond of games, then you can use any of these techniques to earn money from PUBG. You will definitely have Earning but if you want to earn money for long term in Gaming. So both YouTube and tournament are right for you and you should work on both. If you have any question or suggestion on this topic How to make money on PUBG game(Hindi)? You must comment about it.


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