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How to make money on Tik Tok? Can you earn money from Tiktok?

In India, 5-10 crore people make and post videos on the Tik tok app. In such a situation, you must be wondering whether those people would be earning money? Or make a 15-second video on TikTok for a similar time pass. 90% people make it only for time pass. But do you know that money can also be earned from Tiktok. So would you like to know how to earn money from TikTok?

If you also share videos on Tiktok, then the tips mentioned in this post can be icing on the cake for you because you post videos for your fun, but with the method mentioned here, you can earn revenue (money) along with fun. ) can also generate.

How much are the ways to earn money from Tik tok? And how the user can earn money by using these methods? And how to get money on Tik tok video? You will find answers to all these questions here.

But using these methods, you can earn money only when you have a Tik Tok account with a lot of followers, Tik tok was banned in India some time ago, but now such news is coming that the ban has been removed from it. Has gone. In such a situation, if you are a user, then you do not need to worry now.

Tik Tok क्या है?

Tik Tok is a freeware short video sharing mobile application that comes for Android and iOS platforms. It is made by a Chinese company ByteDance and its first English version was released in September 2016.

The company first launched it in China under the name Douyin in 2015 and even today this application exists in Chinese language under the name Douyin. Today this world is present in more than 150 markets with more than 75 languages.

You will be surprised to know that Tik Tok is a high influencing short video sharing platform as you must have heard about your first Musiclly. ByteDance company had told this app in 200 days and within the first year of release, there were 100 million users on Tik Tok app and daily video views were above 1 billion.

Tik Tok app has so far been downloaded 800 million times in the whole world, in which 80 million US and about 120 million in India.

Top Indian User


  • Nagma Mirajkar – 6.7 Million Followers.
  • Garima Chaurasia – 5.8 Million Followers.
  • Mrunal Panchal – 4.1 Million Followers.
  • Sanket Singh – 3.5 Million Followers.
  • Ahsaas Channa – 3.5 Million Followers.
  • Manav Chhabra – 3.3 Million Followers.
  • Heer Naik – 3.2 Million Followers.
  • How to Earn Money on TikTok ? In Hindi

  • If you make and share videos on YouTube, then you get a chance that you can generate revenue from your channel by monetizing your channel with Google Adsense.

    How to earn money from YouTube?

    Note: TikTok does not have any monetization program of its own and if you want to earn money from it, then for this you will have to use other income resources available on the internet. But soon TikTok is going to come with Monetization program.

  • There are many users who do not know how they can earn money from TikTok? And for this they keep searching on the internet best way to make money on Tik tok and they probably do not get information about the right income source. But today you will get information about all such popular income sources using which you can earn money.
  • 1. Brand Deals:

  • This is the best way for social media influencers to earn money and to earn money from YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, money is made from most brand deals.

    Tiktok is also an influencer platform and it is a famous video sharing platform for the Indian audience, when you become popular on Tiktok, it increases followers on your other social media as well and you become a big influencer.

  • All the brands of tech, beauty, education, fashion, electronics etc. give paid proposals to popular influencers, to promote their business or brand, you must have seen promotion videos of such brands on many of your YouTube channels. Similarly, Brands is now also dealing with the top creators of TikTok.

    For example, you can watch the branded video of Tiktok star “Boht Hard Girl” Garima Chaurasia.

  • You will be surprised to know that brands pay from $ 500 to $ 5000 for one of their videos and if you want such deals, then you will have to make a lot of followers on TikTok and increase social media engagement so that the brand can easily contact you and get paid. Can get promotion.
  • This is one of the best and long-time earning methods to earn money from TikTok. So far, merchandise is an important part of the income source of all the popular bloggers, Youtuber, Facebook stars.

    Tik Tok is a mobile video streaming platform like YouTube in today’s time and there are many users who have millions of followers because of Tiktok. If you also have such followers, then you can make your Tiktok profile a brand and earn money by selling your own product.

    There are many such platforms from where you can sell custom design products and earn commission from 40% to 70% of the price of the product.

  • 3. Cross Promotion:

  • Cross promotion means that you can call your fans from your Tiktok profile on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube and ask them to follow you there as well.

    For example, you can link YouTube and Instagram in your Tiktok profile. Due to which your fans will follow you on both Instagram and YouTube.

    How to get followers on Instagram?

    The advantage of this would be that if TitTok gets banned by chance, then you will remain connected with your followers and fans.

  • The second advantage of this will be that when you will get a lot of followers on Instagram because of tiktok, then you will start getting Brand Deals on Instagram as well.

    How to earn money from Instagram?


    Friends, here it is told how to earn money from TikTok (How to make Money on TikTok India)? Hope you have understood. These are the 3 best ways to earn money by making videos on Tik Tok and you can take advantage of any one of these or a surface of all three on your Tik Tok profile, paid cross promotion, brand promotion as well as your product. can sell. If you have any question or suggestion, then you must comment.

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