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BHIM Cashback 750 Offer 2018

Hello friends, if you use BHIM UPI App then it is best for you but if you do not use BHIM Money Transfer App yet. So after knowing this UPI Cashback Offer, you will also download it. Because BHIM UPI Par Milega Rs. 750 Cashback.

But it has some Terms & Conditions, only after completing that we will get BHIM App Rs. 750 Cashback can be received and can be sent to us using Bank. There was a time when Google Tez had left everyone behind and we would get some cashback every time we transfer money on it.

But then Google has gradually stopped giving Cashback and the situation is such that we rarely get Cashback. BHIM UPI Service took advantage of this and launched Bumper BHIM UPI Cashback Offer 2018 to attract more Merchant & Cutomers.

BHIM UPI Par Milega Rs. 750 Cashback:

BHIM which is a Government Unified Payment Interface System, we can use it to transfer money from any bank. Since BHIM is a complete payment system, it is for both Merchant and Customer users.

BHIM UPI Cashback Offer 2018 was launched a few days ago and now its deadline has been extended further. In this offer, we will not get 750 rupees together, but now we can earn 750 rupees by using different types of cashback. Such that…

If a New Cutomer downloads the BHIM App for the first time. So he will get cashback of Rs.51 immediately.
If there is a merchant, then he can get cashback up to Rs.1000 through BHIM UPI.
Users will get Rs 25 cashback on minimum Rs 100 transaction and by using this we can get Rs 500 cashback in 3 months.
If we do transaction less than Rs.50 but more than Rs.25 through BHIM UPI. So we have a chance to get cashback up to Rs 100 in this and we can earn cashback up to Rs 250 by doing this process again and again.
If we create an account in BHIM UPI as a Merchant, then we can get up to 10% Cashback on each Unique Transaction.

BHIM UPI Cashback Offer Kaise Milega?

If at this time almost all UPI Apps have almost stopped giving Cashback on Money Transfer. Whether it is about PhonePe UPI Cashback or Google Tez, now we do not get Cashback from anywhere. In such a situation, BHIM has done very well by launching this offer.

Now with the help of this offer, you can save some money while doing online money transfer. But the benefit of Rs 51 cashback will be available only to such customers who have never registered on BHIM before. If you haven’t downloaded the App yet, you can create BHIM App Account by following the steps mentioned here and add your Bank Account. After downloading BHIM App,

After downloading the app, as soon as we open it, we are asked to select the language. From here we can select any language as per our convenience and then SIM has to be selected by Next…Next. But here we have to pay attention that we select the same phone number which is linked to our bank account.

After verifying the mobile number, we have to enter a passcode. Which is the password of our BHIM UPI App and whenever we open the App again, this passcode will have to be entered.

After successfully setting up the passcode, we have to select our bank, the bank in which we have our account and to which our phone number is linked.

After adding Bank Account, our Account Setup is done and now we have to use a small tips for Cashback of Rs.51. Because we get Rs 51 cashback only when we send money to someone using BHIM UPI. In such a situation, after setting up the account, we will send money to any of our friends, only then we will get cashback. But the good thing for us is that there is no limit for Rs.51 cashback, so if we send even one rupee, we will get cashback.

After this if we transfer 100 rupees to 20 different people. So we will get 25% Cashback every single time i.e. we will get Rs.25 cashback on every unique Rs.100 transaction in our BHIM UPI Account and this offer is for both new and old customers.

If we do a transaction of less than 100 rupees from BHIM UPI, then there is BHIM Cashback Offer for that too. But the transaction should be Rs.25 or more, if it is less then we will not get cashback.

Friends, BHIM UPI Par Milega Rs. 750 Cashback Offer is very best for us. Because we all have Smartphone and all of us make payment from our mobile through some or the other UPI App. In such a situation, if we use BHIM UPI instead of any other UPI app, then we can get some better benefits. Here we are not getting Rs 750 cashback at once but still we will get up to 25% cashback on almost all unique transactions which is better than not getting anything.

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