Indian Browser Jaisa (Like) Browser App Kaise Banaye (How to make)?3 min read

How to Create Browser App?

I have told many such ways with the help of which you can create Android, Windows and iOS App. But today I am going to tell that Indian Browser Jaisa (like) Browser App Kaise Banaye (How to make)? All of you will know about Indian Browser. This is the most downloaded Browser App of this year, it has been downloaded by about 10 lakh people from Play Store and Indian Browser Owner is earning thousands of dollars every day. In such a situation, if you know that Browser App Kaise Banaye (How to make)? (How to Create Browser App) So you can earn money from it.

Browser App kya hai (क्या है)?

Browser App is made by combining different types of Internet Browser, Services & Search Engine. In today’s time, whoever has a Smartphone, must be using some or the other Browser App like UC Browser, Opera, Indian Browser. You must have seen in all these Browser App, there are Search Engine Browser like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and there are services like Flipkart, Facebook, Amazon, News, Videos, Youtube which we can use in the same App.

Browser App Kaise Banaye (कैसे बनाये)?

If you know Programming or Coding, then with its help you can develop an App for Android Platform. But if you do not have knowledge about programming and you want to develop your own app, then there is no better way for you than this. For this you just have to follow some easy steps. So let’s see how to make your own Browser App?

Step 1. First of all, open in your computer.

Step 2. Now click on Browser Option.

Step 3. Here you will find a big button of Create Now, click on it.

Step 4. Here the Main Activity to create Browser App i.e. App Setting will be found. Here, enter the name and URL link of the App you want to show on the main page and put a PNG Image Icon along with it. Like the name “Google” URL Link “”.

Now you come down and select the background of your browser from here and click on Next Option.

Step 5. Now enter your browser name, description and logo icon here and click on Next.

Step 6. Then a big Create button will be found here, click on it.

Step 7. Your Browser App has been created, if you want, you can upload it on Play Store or download and share it to install the Direct logo.

Play Store पर Browser App Upload करने के फायदे:

You must have come to know that Browser App Kaise Banaye (How to make)? If you are making it only for yourself then there is no need to upload it on Play Store. But if you want to earn money through this, then for this you will have to upload it on Play Store and after uploading you will get some such benefits.

Your Browser App will be visible to everyone on the Play Store, due to which it will be downloaded more.
With AdMob, you can monetize your app, from which you will also get Earning.
If your App will be downloaded 100000 or more then you will get Paid Promotion. With which you can earn money through Adsense as well as Direct Ads.

There is an App named Indian Browser Play Store which can be the biggest example for its browser. Similarly, you can earn money from Play Store by creating an Android Game, creating an App. If you are interested in Website Design, then you can get information about it from here.

Friends, many people are earning lakhs of rupees every month by creating small Android App, so if you want too, you can earn money in this way. I told about creating Browser App because many people do not know that Browser App Kaise Banaye (How to make)? And is the least Browser App on Play Store. In such a situation, if you make a Browser App, then you have more chances to earn money, if you have liked these tricks, then you must like and share it.

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