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Today I am going to tell you about some such Useful Electronics Devices (Top 10 Useful Gadgets Under 250INR) within Rs.250 here. Which will be very beneficial for all of you and will fulfill all your basic requirements. In today’s time, almost everyone uses Smartphone or Computer. In such a situation, many gadgets like Charger, USB, LED, Earphone, USB Fan would be needed by all of you. All the Gadgets I have mentioned here will be available for Rs 250 in the Market or Online Store & all these are Top 10 gadgets value for Money. So let’s see..

Top 10 Useful Gadgets Under 250INR:

There are some Electronics Gadgets which you get online for more money while offline market is available for less money. This happens because there are many product copies offline which only look alike. But there is a lot of difference in their quality, so purchase the Top 10 Useful Gadgets Under 250INR mentioned here from the right place.

(1) VR Headset:

Now-a-days VR Headset is in trend, wherever you look, VR Headset is seen there. But VR Headsets are very expensive, like Google, Facebook or MI’s VR, then you will get above 1000 rupees only. In such a situation, if your budget is less and you want to use VR Headset, then you can buy VR Headset named VR Box from Amazon India, you will get Rs 249 less and I have used it. Its performance is very good according to its price.

(2) Selfie Flash:

Front Camera Seflie Flash is an LED Light which you can take Selfie with Light by putting it in Headphone Jack. In this you also get Battery which you can charge with Mini USB Cable or your Phone’s charger. If you take Selfie in Low Light, it makes Video from Front Camera, then this can be the Best Gadget for you.

(3) Dammy Fake Security Camera:

Dammy because it looks like only Security Camera here, it is a copy of Original Camera. If you live alone at home or you have a shop. So you can avoid thieves by installing this camera. In this you will get everything like Security Camera like lens, LED Light, if you put it somewhere, then the light will also burn in it, so that people will feel that Recording is ON.

(4) Audio Spliter:

Suppose you are traveling somewhere with four of your friends and have only one phone charge and all four of you want to listen to the song, then how can you listen together. Even if two people use one earphone each, two will be left and anyway it is not fun to listen to a song with one ear. In such a situation, if all of you want to listen to the song from different Head Phones together, then you should buy an Audio Spliter. Connect it to your phone with 3.5mm audio jack and connect all the headphones to it.

(5) USB Fan:

All of you will know about USB Fan, if there is a problem of light in your area. So in this case you can purchase USB fan, now you do not even need Power Bank because now USB Fan Mini comes with USB which you can use by connecting it to your phone.

(6) Waterproof Pouch:

As the rainy season is about to come at this time and not everyone’s Smartphone is waterproof. In this case, Waterproof Pouch can be very beneficial for you. With its help, you can make the phone waterproof and can comfortably use the phone even in the rain.

(7) MI LED Light:

If you use Laptop in the dark then you can purchase MI LED Light. You can connect it to the USB port and you can also move it wherever you want as per your requirement.

(8) USB Extender:

Many times it happens that USB ports are given behind in the CPU, in such a situation, if you have to use Pen Drive again and again. So it seems a bit uncomfortable. You can use USB Extender to avoid going back and forth of CPU again and again. In this you will get USB Connector with a Cable and a USB Hub which will have many USB Ports. You can keep it in front of your computer by connecting it to the CPU and can easily do Pen Drive or any other USB work again and again.

(9) Mobile OTG:

I have told about this earlier also but here I am telling you about a special OTG. This is a 5 in 1 OTG adapter in which you can connect SD Card with Pendrive, Camera SD Card to Mobile and transfer data very easily.

(10) Wide Angle Camera lens:

If you want to Capture Wide angle Photo then you can Purchase External Wide angle Lens. By connecting it to Phone Camera, you can take large screen size photo or family selfie together.

Friends, here we have told about 10 useful gadgets under 250 rupees (Top 10 Useful Gadgets Under 250INR). All these are the most basic gadgets of all in today’s time, which you can buy from here at a cheap price. It may be that the price of some Gadgets is higher than the price mentioned here, because due to Demand, the price keeps increasing or decreasing. Hope you have liked all these Top 10 Devices (Top 10 Useful Gadgets Under 250INR) you must try them once.

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