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AdMob in Hindi

Hello friends, seeing the name AdMob, only one question comes to mind? What is AdMob? And what kind of people use it and why? For many of us this is a common keyword term but some people have no idea about it. Of

Where and how can we generate income by using AdMob? That’s why today we will talk in detail about AdMob in Hindi. Along with this, we will also know that how can we create our AdMob Account?

AdMob Kya Hai?

AdMob’s Mobile Advertiser Company was created by Omar Hamoui. But in the year 2009-10, Google bought it by giving $750 Million, now it is a Mobile Advertisement Service of Google. Which offers advertising solutions on all types of mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, WebOS, Flash Lite and mobile Web Browser.

As we all know, we use AdSense to monetize Website/Blog and YouTube videos and to earn money. Similarly, we use AdMob to monetize Mobile Apps and to earn money from our own made App.

Currently, Google AdMob is the world’s most popular mobile advertising network and most developers use this to earn money online. Let us know some interesting facts about it.

At present, more than one million Apps users are using it and thousands of new Apps are added every day.
As of July 2012, Google AdMob Add Developers have been paid more than $3.5 Billion.
From 2013 to AdMob CPM Rates 2018, there has been a 200% increase. Which is a record in itself.
More than 200 Billion Ad requests come every month on AdMob.
There are 100000+ Google Advertisers who run their Ad on AdMob

AdMob Se App Monetize Kaise Kare?

As we all monetize our website or YouTube before Google Adsense to advertise on our Blog/Website or YouTube Channel. In the same way, we have to do on Google AdMob as well, but its requirements and conditions are different.

AdMob requirements:

AdMob is a Mobile Advertising Platform, so to use it, we must have some things which are related to mobile, because without these things we cannot use this service.

First of all, we should have a Mobile App and together it should be published on some App Store.

Note * If you do not know what is AdMob? And you are getting information about it for the first time. So you can get information about making Mobile App from the above link and publishing it on Google Play Store.

Step to Monetize App:

Any service of Google, be it YouTube, Adsense, AdWord, all the services can be accessed with only one Gmail Id and Password. Similarly, we do not need to create a separate account to monetize our App on AdMob.

Step # 1: Just we have to enter our Gmail Id and Password on https://apps.admob.com/ Website and then we will log in to its Dashboard.

Step # 2: After login, we have to click on the Sidebar, here we will get a box. In which a button will be written “Add Your First App” will have to be clicked on it.

Step # 3: After clicking, another box will open in front of us and it will be written in English “Have you published your app on Google Play or App Store? If you have done it, then yes and if you have not done it, then no will have to be selected. I have selected yes here

Step # 4: After selecting Yes, we will get a Search Box, in which we will have to search by entering the name of our App.

Step # 5: When we get our App, then by clicking on the “ADD” option, the App will have to be added to AdMob for monetization.

Step # 6: Now our App will be added to google AdMob Dashboard and after that we can create our Ad unit.

AdMob Ad Unit Kya Hai?

When we generate Ad Code in Google Adsense, then we have to first select, what kind of Ad we want to put on our website. Like banner, Native ad ect. Similarly in AdMob also we can select different types of Ad for our App – Banner, Interestitial and Reward Ad unit.

AdMob Se Paisa Kaise Kamaye?

When we publish the app on App Store and monetize it with AdMob Ad network. After that, ads start showing on our App and whenever someone downloads and uses our App from App Store or Google Play Store, then someone else sees our Ad, then we get money for that.

The more our App will be downloaded from Play Store and the more people will use it, the more AdMob Income we will get, which we can transfer to Bank every month.

With this, we all must have seen that there are many such apps on the Play Store which have to be used by paying i.e. Paid App. We can also earn money in this way by using Admob.

Friends, in today’s time there is a best money making method for Mobile Application Business as well as Individual Income. Because at this time most people use Internet and Services on Mobile. In such a situation, if you are a mobile app developer and you find out what is AdMob? And how to earn money from Admob? So in this way you can earn thousands and lakhs of rupees sitting at home.

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