What is Email Marketing? And how to earn money from it?4 min read

Hello friends, today in the online make money category, we will get information about the marketing technique which gives up to 30% conversion and here we will know what is Email Marketing? And how to earn from this?

Although there are many ways of Internet marketing such as Social media, Search engine, Display, video but one of the most popular way is also Email marketing.

Here we will get detailed information about complete email marketing services and software and together we will know how we can use it to promote our products and services.

Email Marketing क्या है?

We all know the meaning of marketing is to promote and the products and services which we promote through email are called email marketing. Here is a part of Internet marketing technique.

It is similar to our regular mail system, but we use One-to-one process in regular mail and it is one-to-many. Or say that email broadcasting is email marketing.

The small blogger community like us is now focused on email marketing. But all the Pro blogger or Businesses give the most priority to all Email campaigns. For the promotion of product or services because in this we get some of the best features. for example

Most affiliate products are sold through email marketing.
It is an important part of Business lead generation.
By using Email marketing software, we can send mail by creating any Link, Image, Button, Video or Custom Design Theme.
In doing email marketing, we have to spend a lot of work and get more benefits.

Email Marketing कैसे करे?

To make a better email marketer, it is not necessary that you have a blog or website, you can start even without these things.

Just for this you should have some basic knowledge and tools, such as…

We must have an email address and it is best if it is a business email ([email protected]).
We will need Bulk mail list to promote our Product, Services.
To send Bulk mail in a professional way, we must have Email marketing software.

These are the basic requirements which are necessary to start the campaign. Let us understand about them in a little detail and know how we can earn money from email marketing?

Active Email Lot:

To start email marketing, first of all we will need a list of many active emails. So that we can promote our products and services.

For this a web service is required from where we can collect email. As Blogging is the best way to store Mail Id of users, with this we can buy Bulk mail from Web Service provider like Godaddy, Emaildatapro.

Email Marketing Software:

To start an email marketing campaign, this is the second most important requirement we have, Professional Email software, using which we can send Bulk mail together and track the sent mail. There is some popular software in it.


Setup Email Template:

We get many Personal, Blog, Business temeplate in Email marketing Software. Which we can customize according to our requirement.

Like many Shopping Sites, Business mails will come on our mail Id daily, in which we get to see the link of Signup, Purchase as well as video, Image and Text design.

Send Bulk Mail:

This is the best part of Email marketing, after complete setup of our Email campaign, we need to send Mail for promotion of our products and services,

Using email marketing software, we can send mail to thousands of people simultaneously and by sending mail, we can track to whom our mail reached and how many people opened the mail, clicked on the link or bought the product. .

Email Marketing Se Kya Fayda Mil sakta hai?

Email marketing is used in different ways for different purposes. We are all bloggers, so we use email marketing for blog post promotion and affiliate product promotion.

If there is a business, then they use email marketing for the promotion of their products and services.

We can promote products and services at the least price. Along with this, many Email software are also available for free for some Limited emails.
Every year, using email marketing, companies, email influencers make revanue of about $ 30 billion. In such a situation, it can become a best source of income for us.
Email marketing process is very easy and even a beginner can start it easily.
Through this we can reach targeted customers and increase our sales.

Friends, email marketing is a technique that is specially used to sell lead generation and product, and in such a situation, if you are a blogger and do affiliate marketing, then it can be best for you to sell your affiliate product. For and if you have any idea related to Email marketing then do comment

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