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Hello friends, today we will talk here what is Share Market (What is Share Market)? And with this we will know that how does the Share market make money (How to invest in Share market in Hindi)? Today’s everyone wants to earn more and more money and no matter why. If there is money nearby, then there will be Reputation in the Society, there will be a good house, there will be a good Car and along with it there will be a good Life Style.

There are many people who say that not all work is done with money. But there is no such work which can be done without money. In today’s time, money can be earned by doing a job, but only needs can be fulfilled with this money, if dreams are to be fulfilled. So for this, along with job, business will have to be done and money will have to be invested in Bitcoin, e-Marketing, Share Market.

It is not easy to start a business out of this, because along with money, there are Proper Business Plan, Team & Business Registration and all kinds of problems. Not many people trust Bitcoin in India, it takes more time in e-marketing to earn money. But Share Market is such a platform from where a lot of money can be earned in just a short time by just investing money directly.But Share Market is very risky and here we talk in detail about Share Market in Hindi, what is share market? And when and how to buy Share.

Share market क्या है?

Share Market is a market which is also known as Stock Market. Here all the well-known companies are listed and in the Share Market the shares of those companies ie their share are Sell & Buy. The way of investing money in Share Market is called Trading.

Any person can buy or sell the share of any company in Share Market and can earn money according to its price. If a person buys a share of a company, then that person becomes a shareholder of that company and he gets involved with that company’s Profit & Loss.

If that company gets profit, then the price of its shares increases. Due to this, the person who buys the shares of that company from the Share Market gets double profit and if due to some reason that company loses, then that person has to lose money.

Take your time Share Market or Stock Market in Hindi is a kind of gambling game. If you buy the share of the right company then you will become rich and if you buy the share of the wrong company then all the money will go down the drain. Because the Share Market keeps on going up and down every minute.

Company Share को खरीदने का सही समय कब होता है?

Some information has been received about it. This is a Risky Marketing Or Investment Strategy and not everyone can invest money in Share Market.

Investment in Share Market (How to invest in Share Market)? To do this, it is necessary to get a lot of information. Because without good preparation without trading marketing strategy you cannot buy shares of any company. If a person invests money in Share Market or Stock Market without getting correct information about Trading, then he has a chance of 90% loss.

With this, for the last few years, people’s inclination towards Share market or any Investment Plan is increasing very fast. In such a situation, Fake trading agents or Investment agents live in this cycle to find such a person. Whom he can trap in his affair by telling the plan of the share market and can be fooled about their money.That’s why whenever you think of investing money in Share Market, then you must pay attention to some things,

First of all know what is Share Market? And how to do trading in it.
Investing money in the Share Market is a very risky job, so you want to buy shares of any company. Get complete information about that company.
Some Business Newspaper and News Channel provide correct information about Share Market and trading. Like Economics Times, in such a situation, you must see Share market Daily Updates from here.

Don’t invest too much money in share market out of greed and invest money in stock market only when your financial status is good and if your money goes in loss then you don’t have any kind of problem.
Before buying the share of any company, get good information about that company. Buy shares only after getting complete information.

Share कैसे ख़रीदे (How to invest in Share Market)?

Get information about Trading and Company from Details. After that you can buy Shares (invest in Share Market).

To buy shares of any company, there should be a Demat account or dematerialized account and there are two ways to create a Demat account,

Demat Account is the bank account of Share Market where money has to be deposited to buy Share and almost all Corporate Banks provide Demat Account. The first way is from where Demat Account can be opened to buy Share from Share Market (invest in Share Market in Hindi).
The second way is Broker i.e. Share Market agent, we can open Demat Account with the help of any Broker. If you are investing in Share Market for the first time, then this method is more correct.’

Note:Only those people can invest in Share Market whose age is above 18 years and to open Demat Account Saving Bank Account, PAN Card as well as Address Proof is required.

The companies where they list their shares are called Stock Exchange and there are 2 Stock Exchanges in our country. Where there is maximum list of companies.

Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE)
National Stock Exchange(NSE)

That is, Share Buy & Sell are done from both the places. Earlier, shares could be bought only with the help of Stock Exchange Member ie Broker. But now along with Broker anyone can become a Share Holder through Direct Online Demat Account and can buy Share from himself. But still it is necessary to take the help of Broker.

Demat Account कैसे Open करे?

If you want to invest in companies like Reliance, Tata, Birla, then for this you need to buy shares and you can buy this share only when you have a demat account and I have also told about the International share market. From where you can invest money in companies like Google, Apple and Facebook.

Upstox demat account is most popular in India and here you can open your account very easily. You just have to have some important documents.

pan card
Aadhar card
Latest electricity bill or voter card for address proof
Bank proof in which 6 month statement, Passbook and cancel check
Scan Signature.

Step 1. Open the Upstox website – https://dahup.in

Step 2. Enter PAN card details and DOB details and click on next.

Step 3. Fill all the necessary information asked.

Step 4. Now proceed by selecting trading preference and account type.

Step 5. Enter bank details.

Step 6. Upload Scan Signature If you are applying for commodity trade then also upload Income document.

Step 7. Fill the address details and upload the scanned copy of the front and back sides of the Aadhaar card.

Step 8. Upload PAN card and photo.

Step 9. Now sign in and send the documents to the given address

Final Word:

Friends, what is Share Market and if you want to buy a share of a company then how can you buy it? All of you must have got information about this. A lot of money can be earned by investing in Share Market. But this is a very risky investment plan. If your name is to invest money in Share Market, then first of all you get detailed information about everything related to Trading, Company and Share Market, only then invest money.With this, you should never invest more than 5% of your income in the share market, because even if you suffer losses, it will not affect your financial status much. If you have any suggestion please comment

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