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Free Online Shopping Website Kaise Banaye?

Hello friends, Wooplr Kya Hai? Online Instant Income Business Kaise Start Kare? We all want that we have an online business and we can also tell people about our business and earn some money as well. For this we try for Blogging, YouTube Video. But here we do not get Instant Revenue nor quick success.

Today we are going to talk about one such Internet Technology. Which can give us a different identity on the Internet as well as a new way to earn money from the Internet. Till now we all mostly use Ad Networks to earn money and to make our identity with Blogging and YouTube Patform.

There is no doubt that Blogging and YouTube are the best ways to make your mark on the Internet, but there is a lot of competition in both these fields. In such a situation, now we should use a new method to be successful on the Internet.

Wooplr Kya Hai?

Wooplr is an E-commerce based Online Marketplace where anyone can create their own Store i.e. E-commerce Website and can do Online Product Sale. By the way, there are many such platforms on the Internet, where we can create our online store.

But Wooplr is a bit different from all of them, like you can create Free E-commerce Shop on Instamojo Online Store. But here we have to do our own Product List.

While this is not the case on Wooplr, we can also create an Online Shopping Website here and list the products on Wooplr of 1000+ categories on our shopping. Means we do not need to list any product from us, we can earn money by selling Wooplr’s products on Wooplr itself.

As we all earn money through commission by selling Flipkart or Amazon Affiliate Product. We get almost the same commission on Wooplr as well. But we have to promote it by copying Product Link from Flipart or Amazon.

Whereas on Wooplr, we get a chance to create our own Shopping Website like Amazon and we can create a website, as we create on Blogger or WordPress. I personally found this a better way to create a different identity online and here I am going to set up my own E-Commerce Website.

If you also want a Shopping Store of your own, then you can create a website on Wooplr by using the method mentioned here.

Wooplr Par Shopping Website Kaise banaye?

It is very easy to setup Shopping Website on Wooplr and anyone who does not know much about Blogging or Technology. He can also setup Wooplr Website by himself. Here I have told some Helpful Tips about Wooplr Store Setup. Which can help you to setup your account.

Wooplr is Complete Free Online Platform To setup our Store, we have to go to Wooplr Website and click on Open My Store Now Button.

Now here we have to create an account with the help of Facebook, Google or Email Address.

After creating an account, we have to enter the phone number and select the name of our store. The name of the store depends on our User Name, the user name we select gets added to our URL.

After setting up the Username, our Shopping Website becomes Ready and we just have to add the Product according to our own.

Before adding the product, we should decide what kind of product we want to sell on our store. So that we can promote it accordingly,

After deciding about the product, we have to click on Add Product.

As soon as we click on Add product, many product lists appear in front of us. Just whatever product we want to add, we have to click on the add product button given below that product and that product will be added to our Wooplr Store.

Wooplr Se Paisa Kaise Kamaye? & Bank Me Kaise Send Kar ?

After setting up the store on Wooplr, we only have to do Product Sale. All the rest of the work like Delivery, Returns, everything is looked after and managed by the Wooplr team. For this we do not have to worry and when there is a product sale from our store. So we get some commission according to the price of that product which gets added to our account.

With this, whenever we setup Wooplr Account for the first time, we get Rs. Rupees are received as Bonus and it gets added to our Wallet.

The more we sell Products from our Wooplr Store, the more we will earn money. With this, Wooplr keeps bringing many Discount Offers and Target Sale Offers. We can select the product from there and sell it with the offer and earn extra money by completing the target.

With Wooplr Wallet, we can transfer money to our Bank Account or Paytm Weekly. There is no big limit to this. From Wooplr Website we get Minimum Payout Rs. 100 rupees i.e. like in our Wallet Rs. After 100, we can immediately send it to the Bank Account.

Friends, what is Wooplr? Online Paisa Kamane ka ek Aur Tarika This is a completely new and unique way. With which we can easily earn 10000 to 15,0000 rupees by selling the product by working on a little marketing. Right now Wooplr is not as popular as other paid Ecommerce platforms. In such a situation, it becomes very easy for us to setup Online Shopping from here, because here we get everything for free and we can easily send it to our Commission Paytm or Bank Account. If you have any suggestion regarding this then do comment.

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