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What is the Zomato business revenue model? (Hindi)

Hello friends, we can order online fresh food from our favorite restaurant, food plaza sitting at home and in some time food, breakfast everything happens at our home. But have you ever wondered how businesses like Zomato, Swiggy, Uber Eats earn money? How else does it work? if not! So today we will know how to do Online Food Delivery business Earning? And for this we will talk about the popular online food delivery Zomato Business Model.

Zomato is India’s big brand to find online best restaurants, cafés and bars and it is available in 24 countries with 10 languages. Like Zomato business model, strategy, pricing model, Swiggy, Uber Eats and everyone else’s business model & working methods are almost the same. How does Zomato make money? & And how does a new restaurant get involved with this? Know before knowing about it.

About Zomato Business(Hindi):

Zomato was launched in July 2008 by two IIT, Delhi alumnus and two colleagues of Brain & Company, Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah.
At present, it is providing its services in about 10000 cities of 24 countries including India.
At present, more than 14 lakh restaurants are listed on Zomato and about 90 million monthly visitors come to its website every month, which makes it the 1000th most popular website in the world.

Zomato Business Model(Hindi):

We have talked about many business models before, some of which are popular business models.

Each different business idea has its own separate revenue model, using which they extract profit from the business and grow their business. Zomato is a listing website and application where businesses like restaurants, cafes and bars are listed. Now let’s understand with an example about how this complete process works.

If you have a restaurant which is at a fixed location in a city and only local customers know about it. In such a situation, if you want to increase more business, increase income, then you will have to work on promotion and services.

Like, website in the name of restaurant, Online delivery features, Delivery Boy, Bike, etc. For all this, you will have to spend at least 5 to 6 lakh rupees in starting and 50,000 to 100,000 rupees every month to run them smoothly.

Which is not possible for every restaurant owner, keeping in mind the requirements of all these, businesses like Zomato, Swiggy plan were made. Where businesses like Zomato provide such a platform, through which any owner can make their restaurant business online and can deliver food by taking online orders. In this, neither the restaurant owner needs to make a website nor all this work of delivery is managed by Zomato.

How Does Zomato Business Revenue Model Work?

More recently, Zomato has updated its Financial Year 2018 report, in which about 25% growth has been seen as compared to the last year, the main reason for its success is – Best service and investment, due to which today it is running its business in 24 countries. has increased.

When this business would have been launched for the first time, it might have taken a lot of research to develop its main idea and every aspect had to be understood by testing, but now it is easy for us to understand such online food delivery and business listing business.

What kind of strategy is followed to execute Zomato business and who are its Head Operators, it has been explained well in this report of Economics times – Zomato business strategy

We are here about Zomato business revenue model i.e. how does Zomato earn money? And which business model does it use for this? The mainstay of its business revenue model is ‘Advertisement’ along with it there are many other services through which it earns money.

Advertise: Whenever we open the Zomato website or application and do some search to order food, we get to see some restaurants on which sponsored is written.

All such restaurants give money to it for advertising and at present about 15,000 restaurants are associated with it, which do paid advertising and this is a main source of Zomato total income.

Order: This is the second biggest income source of Zomato revenue model, as I said, the restaurant which does not have enough investment to launch its own website and delivery service, in such a situation, it can start its business on Zomato. Can list and deliver food through Zomato delivery, after that owners have to pay some % to Zomato

Book: If customers have to book a reserve table in the restaurant, bar, then that service is also available here. With Zomato Book, it charges from restaurants and bars that do pre-booking.

Subscription: You might have heard about Amazon Prime, it also has a similar paid subscription plan called Zomato Gold, its customers have to get subscription by paying money, in which they get special discounts and offers. At present the one year subscription plan is Rs 1200 and in 2018 it has 280k active subscribers which is a source of its income.

Friends, this is a basic information of Zomato business model and the main revenue sources are there are many other ways by which it earns money, using the same method Swiggy, Uber Eats, Foodpanda earn money. Stayed with Techyukti for the update and revenue model of such popular business model and if you have any question then do comment.

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